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Connecticut Hypnotherapy is run by Dr. Deborah Gilmour, a Clinical Neuropsychologist, Board Certified Hypnotherapist,
Certified NLP and EFT Practitioner, and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotherapists. Dr Gilmour is a qualified
Medical Hypnotherapist, a certified Cancer Support Hypnotherapist, and a certified OldPain2Go® practioner.

Skype and Facetime
Due to the current concerns that many people have over the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic,
Connecticut Hypnotherapy is delighted to offer hypnotherapy sessions online - via Skype or Face Time.
If this is your preferred method to benefit from a session, please let Dr Gilmour know when contacting CTH.


Are you overeating because you are compensating for something unpleasant, when you are bored or lonely, or to replace sexual attention or a need to feel loved? Or is it because you are rewarding yourself for a job well done or to entertain yourself.

The reasons for overeating are all in the subconscious mind. Through hypnosis and other powerful techniques, these negative behaviors can be replaced for more positive healthy behaviors. An individual and specialized program will be designed for you to maximise your weitght loss results.   [Read More]


Depression is a common mental disorder that causes feeling of sadness or despondency; it affects the way a person eats, sleeps and thinks. Depression is not the same as a passing 'blue mood'. Neither is it a sign of personal weakness or a condition that can be 'wished away'.

A combination of alternative mind & body techniques, hypnosis, and cognitive behavioral therapy has proven highly beneficial in reducing depressive symptoms. We design individualized  programs for each client and work with you to help develop an effective treatment.


Many people find hypnotherapy for smoking an effective treatment. The method works to break the negative behaviours and thinking patterns associated with smoking. The thoughts and behaviors the smoker holds is often what prevents them from successfully giving up.

When you make the decision to stop smoking, the key aspect is to let go of the routine and change your perspective. Breaking the smoking addiction is a challenging change, but hypnotherapy focuses on facilitating this change in a powerful and effective way.


Stress is caused by an event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry or nervous. Common causes include: starting a new job, moving home, getting married, having a child, or relationship break-up. Stress and anxiety are common in people who feel depressed or sad.

Anxiety is a feeling of fear, unease and worry. Many times the source of the symptoms are unknown. In small doses stress can help you get things done. When stress continues for a long time one may develops an anxiety disorder, and hypnosis techniques can help you.


A panic attack is a sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear. Your heart pounds and you can't breathe You feel dizzy and sick to your stomach. You may feel you are dying or going crazy. Left untreated may cause you to withdraw from normal activities.

You can learn how to deal more effectively with the debilitating effects of a panic attack, allowing you to cope better on a day-to-day basis with your condition. You will be taught practical and effective techniques that will benefit you in all aspects of your life.


We have all experienced anger; it is an emotional state that varies greatly in intensity. Although the instinctive, natural way to express anger is to respond aggressively to a threat, we cannot lash at every source of irritation in our lives.

We aim to empower you you control your anger, and develop the strategies and mental tools necessary to manage both your feelings and the psychological arousal that anger causes. We use powerful mind-body techniques to quickly and effectively help you resolve the problem of uncontrolled anger.


Dr Deborah Gilmour, Certified Practitioner

Do you want to free yourself from old, debilitating pain? You can with this new, effective and revolutionary methodology?

OldPain2Go®is at the head of a revolution in how you can learn to take back control of Old Pain messages instead of THEM controlling YOU. Many people who have been stuggling with pain for months, even years may find it hard to believe that this is possible. So would I, except that I have witnessed the results first-hand and seen people's lives change for the better. You don't have to believe it will work for it to work, but you DO need to have and open mind and WANT to be Pain Free!

Pain is a safety feature to help us know what harms us so that we can move away from it and avoid it in the future. Acute pain is a message that causes the best action for the least amount of harm. Chronic pain is a message that reminds us of damage or danger, even when nothing can be done. ‪OldPain2Go® is a method of convincing the body that the chronic pain message is not only redundant,it is damaging the persons’ life and making them less safe than without it. This usually results in a reduction of the old pain message or total removal of it.

Read more about OldPain2Go® here.

Unexplained Infertility

 'Unexplained Infertility' means that there is no physical reason for a woman to not become pregnant. In this case, stress or lack of confidence tend to be the top culprits. Negative feelings left unexpressed and/or unresolved take energy, which can block conception.

Unexpressed negative emotion such as anguish, fear, extreme worry, sexual abuse, guilt or shame can also create extreme emotional conflict, affecting your body and causing compound  reproductive problems.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART): a new techniques with amazing possibilities.

Imagine, if you can, what it feels like to carry a terrible burden for years and then all of a sudden to let it go -- years of trauma gone in a flash -- during a single session with a therapist. You give the therapist a look of disbelief, but you have just experienced this amazing relief. That this can happen may seem unbelievable, but it does happen consistently with the use of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART).

ART has been used to treat adults and children with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, sexual abuse trauma, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, addictions, grief and job or relationship issues. ART reprograms the brain and makes positive changes for these conditions. The limits of ART have yet to be explored. Contact Dr Gilmour today to find out more...


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